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June 24, 2009

Gwyneth Paltrow in Grey Ant Denim

For Spring and Summer we brought in a pair of Grey Ant Denim Jeans, and over the weekend while reading GOOP we spotted Gwyneth Paltrow in the same pair. We love how she wears them hemmed exactly to the ground with a cute black jacket. If you’re setting your sights on Fall, these jeans can definitely take you through the season. Grey Ant Plain Front Bell Jeans (187) available at Josef Boutique, Menlo Park, CA.

March 4, 2009

Grey Ant will melt your heart

We got in 2 special pieces from Grey Ant’s Spring Summer 2009 collection. In store we have the black Airbourne Mini Dress and if you’re not a dress person, the black Tank. Both pieces are 100% cotton and made in the USA. They have a very relaxed fit and are super easy to wear. The ethnic pattern on the dress and tank is purple and celtic in design. Try the dress with a corset belt if you prefer a defined waist. To accompany these stunning pieces, we also got in 2 Grey Ant Denim items.

Pictured above are the Plain Front Bell Jeans in miners blue and the Taft Skirt in railed blue. Ladies, these jeans are GOOD. They sit at your natural waist and bell at the bottom creating a very long leg line. They look so fantastic with the tank. The skirt has wonderful detailing in the 2 front pleats, little front patch pocket, belt loops and 2 back pleats. To show what a tiny waist you have, wear the skirt with a tee tucked in or a sweet blouse tucked in as well. We like this skirt with our new Catherine Holstein tan floral tee. As always these pieces are of superior cut and construction. All are made in the USA. They’re all extremely nice pieces, your heart will melt when you see them in person!

December 5, 2008

Grey Ant Holiday 2008 at Josef

My holiday delivery from Grey Ant arrived yesterday. I knew I liked the pieces when I bought them last summer, but boy was I impressed to see the details and clean construction. I brought in 3 holiday dresses. The blue dress pictured above is my favorite. It’s 100% silk and is lined in the skirt. Along with the blue dress, I also have a mint green and tinsel sleeveless tunic/dress and a black halter super mini dress that can also be worn with bottoms.

Grey Ant was launched in Los Angeles in 1998 by designer Grant Krajecki. His designs were heavily inspired by eighties fashion and a West Coast favorite among the sun-loving young on Rodeo Drive. In 2007 Krajecki moved the line to New York creating the beginnings of a strong East Coast following. Krajecki’s introduction to fashion came with his job designing costumes for porn films in L.A. After that he designed for the Ice Capades. It wasn’t until a stint at a coffehouse that he was able to save enough money to launch his label.

The dresses I have in the shop are not for the faint of fashion heart. Calling all confident edgy girls, get your Grey Ant here!